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Localbitcoins is one of many platforms for buying and selling Bitcoins, but it has a big difference: you can buy or sell crypto currencies in your local currency contacting anyone in your country, region or even city.

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The Localbitcoins operation is simple. If you want to buy Bitcoins, just register, find a seller with a good rating and an acceptable price, buy the Bitcoins you want, transfer the money and receive your crypto currencies. And that’ s all.

LocalBitcoins is not available in Germany or the state of New York. LocalBitcoins left New York due to the BitLicense. What Makes LocalBitcoins Different than Other Exchanges? The difference between Local Bitcoins and most exchanges is that with Local Bitcoins, you must physically meet up with or connect digitally to the person you are buying. Seller Payment method Price / BTC Limits; hayfer (10 000+; 100%) Transfers with specific bank: ZELLE, BofA 49,160.74 USD 2,000–4,132 USD. A verified LocalBitcoins account is required to use Local Trader for trading or managing advertisements, but search is available without an account. To get a LocalBitcoins account, please register for at LocalBitcoins.com or use the new mirror site at LocalBitcoins.net for blocked regions.

The first thing to register at Localbitcoins is, of course, to log in to the website and complete the registration form.

To do this, click on Sign up free to open the following screen:


After completing the registration form, you will need to validate your account via an email that will be sent to your account. That’s the first step, then you’ll have to verify it. How to do it? Simple. You must click on the icon indicated in the following image:

There you should search for “edit profile”, click and select “verification” on the next screen:

When you click on “Verification” you will see the following:

Okay. Good. On this page you will have to make several validations to verify that you are a real person. Don’t worry, just have a little patience.

You must first verify your identity by clicking on “verify identity”. Once in the new window (the one you can see below) you will have to upload a photo of your ID card.

When the process is complete, you can start selling and buying Bitcoins. However, it is recommended that you also validate your phone number. To do this, return to the menu and select “verify phone number”, as shown in the following picture:

With that our account will already be active and validated.

We have 3 options:

  • sell bitcoins directly
  • buy bitcoins directly
  • create our own buy/sell advertisement

Now the interesting part begins. To sell your bitcoins you need to recharge your Bitcoins account. And you can’t do that without your Localbitcoins wallet address. Click on the amount of Bitcoins you have (at the top of the menu) and then on Receive bitcoins, it will take you to this window:


In this window you can copy the address where to transfer the bitcoins. When the transaction is confirmed 3 times by the network, the Bitcoins will be in your wallet (there is a 0.00015 BTC fee for incoming transactions). Once they appear on your account, go to the top menu and search for “sell Bitcoins”, where you will see the following:

Choose and click on your desired seller (according to the price, payment options and reputation) so you see his/her profile and set the amount you want to sell to him/her:

You need to write down your C/C number, remember the seller can specify what bank/s he/she transfer to (in this case, the seller only transfers to CAIXA Bank). The buyer has to make the bank transfer in no more than 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Your bitcoins will be freezed and held by LocalBitcoins (so you can’t withdraw or sell them to another buyer) until you confirm you received the money on your bank account and the transaction gets confirmed.

The procedure is the same, but now you are the buyer. Click on “Buy bitcoins”:

Select your desired seller. In this case, we are going to buy bitcoins using cash (EUR), so we check the offers on the lower side. It’s specially important this time to check the distance from you, the number of previous transactions, the average positive evaluation and the terms and conditions of a transaction with the seller:

Remember that the demanded price is the unit price offered for a BTC.

Ignition casino bonus requirements. Once you’ve made up your mind, click the Buy Now button.


If you are not in a rush and you have it clear what is your desired price, whether to buy or sell the bitcoins, you can also create a bitcoin trade advertisement (before creating an advertisement on LocalBitcoins you have to previously complete identity verification). Click on “Post a trade” and you will see 5 different sections:

Advertisement rules and requirements:

  • For your ads to display you need to have Bitcoins in your LocalBitcoins wallet. You need 0.04 BTC or more for advertisements with online payment methods and 0.04 BTC or more for local advertisements (Cash).
  • Certain payment methods require you to be ID verified before your ads are visible.
  • Each completed trade costs advertisers 1% of the total trade amount.
  • Once a trade is opened the price is final, except when there is a clear mistake in the pricing.
  • You are not allowed to buy or sell Bitcoin on behalf of someone else (brokering).
  • You may only use payment accounts that are registered in your own name (no third party payments!).
  • You must provide your payement details in the advertisement or in the trade chat.
  • All communication must happen on LocalBitcoins.com.
  • Payment methods marked High Risk have a significant risk of fraud. Be careful and always ID verify your trading partners when using high risk payment methods.

Trade type:

  • Set whether you want to sell or buy your bitcoins
  • Whether you want to do it locally or online
  • Your location

Last information:

  • Currency
  • Margin you want over the bitcoin market price. If you set it positive, you will sell them over the market price or buy them below the market price. If you set a negative margin you will accept lower prices on your sells or higher prices on your buyings, so you will attract more contacts (you can leave it as 0 if you don’t want to use any margin)
  • Price equation: this is an advanced option and it’s a bit complicated, so they have a FAQ. You don’t just insert a fixed price, the price is fetched from other market data sources (other bitcoin exchanges) and the price on your advertisement is updated on real time. Here you can set the price source (Bitfinex, for example), the price you want to use from the source (minimum, maximum or average) and an operator (i.e.: multiply it by 1.05)
  • Minimum transaction limit (optional)
  • Maximum transaction limit (optional)
  • Restrict amounts to specific comma-separated values (optional)
  • Opening hours: this is for your advertisement to show up: remember once they sell you bitcoins you have 90 minutes to make the transfer, so you may not want the advertisement to show up during night hours.
  • Terms of trade: specially important if you are selling the bitcoins by cash.

Liquidity options:

Check this option if you want only to sell the exact amount of bitcoins you have entered as maximum trade limit. For example, if you want to sell 10 bitcoins and set it as the maximum trade limit, once someone buys 2 bitcoins from you your maximum trade limit will decrease to 8 bitcoins.

Security options:

  • Identified people only. Specially important if you are selling by cash
  • SMS verification required.
  • Trusted people only.

That’s all, you can now click on publish advertisement and wait for it to be accepted. As you can see, you have many options to configure your add to your own needs.

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LocalBitcoins is an immensely popular peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin marketplace that serves users in almost every country in the world.

The platform allows users to exchange their local fiat currency into Bitcoin using any of the numerous payment methods supported by vendors in their local region. Unlike many other P2P Bitcoin exchanges, LocalBitcoins features a stringent escrow system that is in place to protect both buyers and sellers from scammers.

Despite launching over eight years ago, LocalBitcoins is still growing rapidly, and clocks in around 4,000 to 5,000 new registrations daily.

LocalBitcoins was one of the first P2P Bitcoin exchanges ever launched and has been operating since 2012. In this time, it has risen to become one of the dominant P2P Bitcoin marketplaces — mostly due to its accessibility and the flexibility it provides for buyers and sellers.

The platform was founded by Jeremias Kangas and currently has its headquarters in Helsinki Finland. The company behind the platform is also registered in Finland as LocalBitcoins Oy, with a business ID of 2855415–2.

As a peer-to-peer exchange, everyone is free to use LocalBitcoins to create advertisements to buy and sell Bitcoin, ads can be created for practically any existing payment method. On the other hand, buyers and sellers are also able to browse offers from a wide range of existing vendors and can choose to deal with any that offers the rates, payment methods, and terms they’re comfortable with.

Unlike some other Bitcoin marketplaces, LocalBitcoins does not offer any charting tools or advanced trading functionality. It’s a pure, no-frills Bitcoin marketplace designed to be accessible for absolute beginners.

Like most cryptocurrency trading platforms, LocalBitcoins charges fees for its services.

However, unlike most similar platforms, LocalBitcoins is unusual in the fact that on LocalBitcoins the fees are borne entirely by the maker, whereas takers are able to use the platform at no cost. Buyers and sellers are able to create their advertisements for free, but each completed trade is subject to a 1% fee, charged to the advertiser. As such, a $10,000 sale will be subject to a $100 fee. As of writing, there are no volume-based fee discounts or other fee reduction mechanisms in place.

Although purchasing Bitcoin is free, users will need to be wary of the deposit fee which is charged when loading their account with BTC.

In your wallet0 BTCTransaction fee0.00004099 BTCYou can send up to0 BTC

Users will also be subject to a small transaction fee when withdrawing their funds. Transfers to other LocalBitcoin users are free of charge.

As a peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace, vendors can choose to accept any of a wide range of payment methods for their BTC, and buyers in most regions will usually have various different payment options to choose from.

Bank deposits, cash deposits, Western Union, and Moneygram are available in most regions, while dozens of other region-specific payment methods can usually be found too. Depending on their region, customers can also often find vendors that accept other cryptocurrencies, such as Monero (XMR), XRP, and Ethereum (ETH).

Sellers are able to top up their account using Bitcoins sent from an external wallet, whereas buyers send their fiat payments directly to the seller based on the agreed payment method — LocalBitcoins does not hold custody of the fiat funds.

In terms of limits — there aren’t any! Sellers can choose how much BTC they will make available and set a minimum and maximum purchase amount per person, e.g. 50–100 USD. Buyers will be subject to the purchase limits set by the seller they choose.

As a simple, beginner-friendly Bitcoin trading platform, LocalBitcoins is designed to be as easy-to-use and accessible as possible. As a result, getting started on the platform usually takes just minutes.

To begin, you will need to create an account. You will be asked to choose a username and password, as well as provide an email address which can also be used for logging in later.


After creating your account, you will need to click the confirmation link sent over in an email before it is ready to use. Once done, you’ll be free to login to the platform.

Following a 2019 update, all LocalBitcoins users are now required to complete KYC verification if they want to sell BTC or buy more than 1,000 EUR worth of BTC per year. Most users will need to achieve T1 verification on the platform, which entails providing identity and address information, in addition to proof of identity to LocalBitcoins’ KYC partner: Onfido.

As far as LocalBitcoins is concerned, a passport, driver’s license, and identity card are considered valid forms of ID.

Most users will have their application verified immediately by Onfido, whereas others may need to wait for a manual review, which can take up to 24 hours to complete.

Once verified, you will be free to create your Bitcoin advertisement, where you will be able to set the currency you accept, minimum and maximum transaction limit, choose your opening hours, and set your margin or price equation to automatically update the price based on the current market rate.

Bitcoin buyers, on the other hand, can either create their own advert specifying the amount of Bitcoin they are looking to buy, as well as the payment method, price and several other terms, or they can choose from the list of currently available options.

We recommend only dealing with sellers with an extensive recent trade history and strong feedback, whereas sellers should only accept payments from buyers using low risk payment methods, such as bank transfer.

Cash is banned as a payment method on LocalBitcoins.

LocalBitcoins offers its services to users in almost all countries, but there are a few exceptions, namely the residents of the states of New York and Washington (USA), Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria are unable to use the platform.

Sellers will need to deposit any BTC they intend to sell into their LocalBitcoins wallet before their advert becomes visible to other users. This functionality will only unlock once the user has reached at least T1 verified status. Buyers will be able to transfer their BTC to an external wallet after making a purchase by using the “Send bitcoins” function in their wallet.

For those that want to refer their friends to the platform, there’s also a generous affiliate program available. Users can earn 20% commission on the trading fees generated by each user they refer to the platform. These rewards are earned for the first year after registration, after which the user will no longer be considered an affiliate.

LocalBitcoins also provides an iframe banner for affiliates to use (similar to that shown below), or they can create their own banners or advertising media.

Though the platform is generally safe to use, inexperienced users should be wary of any buyers or sellers that attempt to complete trades outside of LocalBitcoin’s built in escrow — these could be potential scammers. This can be avoided if traders take some time to understand how to platform works before sending their funds to the buyer/seller, and if they only deal with vendors with an excellent reputation.

The platform suffered a minor security breach back in January 2019, which saw almost 8 BTC stolen from users. LocalBitcoins has since reimbursed these users and patched the vulnerability.

Nonetheless, users benefit from several account security features, including two-factor authentication, login guard (to block unknown web browsers), and the aforementioned escrow system.

LocalBitcoins can be considered one of the most polarizing Bitcoin trading platforms. Though LocalBitcoins has an impressive reputation, and its escrow system generally works well, like many platforms there are always potential scammers looking to target inexperienced buyers and sellers.

With that said, by using adequate caution and performing due diligence, LocalBitcoins is a safe place to trade, and is one of the only ways to buy Bitcoin person to person in many countries — particularly when using non-traditional payment methods like altcoins and online payment processors.

The fees are reasonable, KYC is usually a simple task, and the lack of maximum trading limits make LocalBitcoins an ideal platform for those looking to buy and sell Bitcoin on a regular basis.

Daniel is a blockchain journalist who has written extensively in the crypto space. After obtaining a Masters degree in Regenerative Medicine, he pivoted to the frontier field of blockchain technology, where he began to absorb anything and everything he could on the subject. His main interests now include DeFi and cryptocurrency trading.

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